Loran air handling units make an important contribution to improving air quality and the environments we live in. The company is constantly committed to research and development of environmentally-sustainable products with maximum energy efficiency.
Constructional quality and the components used guarantee reliability, functionality and efficiency that last over time.

Selection software program

Loran offers its customers simple and user-friendly product selection software for air handling units, providing all the technical specifications needed to size and rate the unit and making it easier to size the systems making up the entire circuit.

Extremely easy to use, with complete data and a multitude of solutions available, the program is very popular amongst specialists in the trade; customers and designers can download the selection program free-ofcharge from the company website.

All it takes is a simple phone call to activate the access password.

Loran specialist personnel can also be contacted for explanations on how to use the program and for information on applications.


The Quality System at LORAN is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 Standard.

This is the result of a worthy company policy, based on constant research into product development and improving the service provided. All this guarantees that customers are guaranteed to find a valid partner in LORAN. Here, a constantly growing, efficient system, managed by competent and dynamic personnel keeps the product under control - in all working phases - with maximum care. 

Having achieved H6020 certification represents a further important step in guaranteeing our products, above all in systems where very high hygiene levels are required, such as: hospitals, chemical pharmaceutical and laboratories, industries food and many others.

CE marking

All LORAN air handling units are constructed in compliance with the applicable EEC Directives 89/392, 91/368, 93/44, 93/68, 73/23: these units therefore conform to “the essential safety and health protection requirements” established by these Directives.


The design work is develped respecting these standards and to this end the machines are equipped with a series of prevention and safety features suitable for satisfying the obligatory requirements:
• accident prevention protection grills over moving parts;
• safety micro-switches;
• lights for illuminating the inside of the machines;
• handles that open also from inside the machine;
• rounded edges and no parts that cut.


Adhesive signs - clearly visible because of their colour and size are applied to the external casings of the machine indicating possible dangers from moving parts and the electric current present.