TECS2-W /H 0251 - 1614

Water to water high efficiency heat pump, reversible on hydraulic side
Cooling capacity 241 - 1618 kW

TECS2-W /H 0251 - 1614



    Very high efficiency at full and partial load, to top market levels, thanks to adopted technological solutions: large capacity modulation and expanded exchanger, offering minimum running costs of the unit in real working conditions.
    The full range is also available with the Class A efficiency rating (in heating).
    Extremely silent operation in line with the best on the market, and highly reduced vibrations
    Reduced breakaway starting currents thanks to the revolutionary centrifugal compressor.



  • Integral acoustical enclosure (type base or plus)
  • VPF (Variable Primary Flow) system
  • Several devices for condensation´s control
  • Leak detector
  • Set-up for remote connectivity with ModBus/Echelon protocol cards



  • W3000SE Large
    The controller W3000 large offers the latest control and functions specially developed for these units. The keypad is generously sized with full operating status display. The controls and detailed LCD make access to machine settings easy and safe. These resources permit to diirectly act on the unit settings through a multilevel menu, available in several languages. The diagnostics includes full management of alarms with black-box functions and alarm record for better analysis of unit performance. For multi-units plants a special device to coordinate and manage all the resources is available as an option; energy metering device is even possible as an option. Supervision is easy through Climaveneta devices or with various options for interfacing to ModBus, Bacnet, Echelon LonTalk protocols. Compatibility with remote keyboard (management up to 10 units). Clock available with programming of operation (standard 4 days and 10 time bands). Temperature regulation features the continuous capacity modulation, based on PID algorithms referring to water leaving temperature. This is combined with the compressors´ on/off management with a proportional logic on the return water temperature. As option is possible to choose the VPF system control integrated on-board to the units.