Oil-free centrifugal technology

Oil-free centrifugal technology




The unbeatable efficiency

TECS ultra compact air and water cooled chillers apply magnetic levitation technology to achieve top level efficiency.


Chiller with centrifugal oil-free compressor: the expertise makes the difference






Chiller with centrifugal oil-free compressor: the expertise makes the difference

These top level technology compressors bring enormous benefits in terms of efficiency, adjustments, vibrations and weight. Magnetic levitation eliminates the need for lubricant, its delicate management and its heat exchange loss.





Negligible inrush current

Magnetic Levitation compressor has an extremely low startup in-rush current: for water cooled chillers is only 2 Amps! This provides for a more favourable selection of the line power systems.






Unrivaled efficiency

Chillers with centrifugal oil-free compressors show competitive full load and outstanding partial load efficiency, enabling them to reach and exceed any values of efficiency established by HVAC’s most common protocols.






Silent operation

Centrifugal oil-free are the most silent compressors available on the market; chillers with this technology feature extremely reduced vibration, with considerable advantages in any application.


Logic will get you from A to B. TX-W will take you everywhere



Only imagination could lead Climaveneta to improve the already brilliant technical features of oil-free centrifugal chillers and conceive TX-W, the new water-cooled chiller range enhancing the top performance of magnetic levitation technology.





Countless design combinations

The unit can host from 1 to 6 centrifugal oil-free compressors plus 6 new couples of heat exchangers which can be flexibly deployed either with a horizontal or diagonal layout. The result is a complete range of 63 possible combinations that provide the customer with even greater freedom of choice.


Dedicated operating range

TX-W features several combinations of compressors to be installed both in applications working with a low condensing temperature (cooling towers, surface water) and in systems at the highest temperature involving the use of dry coolers. Evaporator leaving water temperature up to 20°C makes the TX-W the most suitable solution for the needs of IT cooling systems and for industrial processes.


Widest range of cooling capacity

TX-W comes with a coverage never seen before: from 246 kW to more than 4 MW. Whatever the demand for cooling capacity, this unit is the answer to all comfort, process and IT Cooling applications.


Targeted product selection

Thanks to the exclusive ELCA STUDIO software, TX-W can be selected according to the specific customer requirements. Whatever the cooling capacity requested, the software proposes several design alternatives.


Brilliant full load and seasonal efficiencies

TX-W is designed to reach unrivaled efficiency: full load EER can exceed 6.5 (gross values), while seasonal ESEER is over 10.2 (gross value).


CX4: the evolution in the world of controls

The heart of the new chiller is the CX4 controller, featuring an exclusive hardware and software that dynamically master all the main components (compressors, valves, etc.) and make them work at their best, for a total reliability. In multiple compressor units, CX4 employs the exclusive ‘jumping staging’ logic which always enables, during partialization, the most efficient combination of compressors.


Flexible configuration

In TX-W you can choose between horizontal or diagonal layout of the heat exchangers, with dimensions that favor the overall compact size in height or in width. The water connections of both heat exchangers can be deployed either on the right or left side, to fit the most diverse HVAC system requirements.


KIPlink: the digital change

Access to the main variables of CX4 comes either with a highly personalised touch screen interface, whose graphics have been created to fit TX-W, or through KIPlink, an innovative system based on WiFi technology that allows one to operate on a Climaveneta unit directly from your smartphone and tablet.


Total reliability

TX-W optimally manages the correct compression ratio, ensuring that the compressors are always - during start-up, in operation, in response to the thermoregulator and during shutdown - in a full safety work area.


Technological options



Acoustic enclosure

The already minimal noise emissions of TX-W units can be further reduced by choosing the option "acoustic enclosure", available in two variants:

  • Standard -14 dB(A)
  • Integral -18 dB(A)


Fast restart

In some applications it is crucial to ensure the rapid restoration of cooling capacity after an interruption in power supply (black -out). The fast restart option allows for the restart of the compressors within 26” seconds after power is restored and the rapid re-entry into full operation (e.g.: unit mod. 2D00 comes back to provide 1300 kW in just 6 minutes after voltage dip).


Gas detector device

TX-W can be equipped with a gas detector to signal the presence of refrigerant in a closed environment. The detector has a double-threshold and can deactivate the compressors and disconnect the exchangers.