Units for 4-pipe systems

Units for 4-pipe systems




INTEGRA multi-use units: the most evolved solution for 4-pipe systems

INTEGRA units for 4-pipe systems, air and water source, with scroll, screw and inverter screw compressors, from 33 to 1125 Kw, for simultaneous hot and cold water production: the zero-compromise solution in terms of comfort and system efficiency.


INTEGRA multi-use units: the most evolved solution for 4-pipe systems






Maximum energy efficiency

The construction approach that characterizes Climaveneta multi-use units has been designed to maximize their usefulness. The maximum efficiency of the system is reached with simultaneous loads, the energy produced is used to satisfy the hot and cold demands of the total system. In modern buildings with opposite overlapping thermal loads, the INTEGRA units are the greenest and most efficient solution compared to any other.





Self-adaptability with simultaneous loads

Thanks to their advanced control logic, multi-use units are always able to respond to building climate control requirements, especially if overlapping loads occur. The unit can independently produce cooling and heating simultaneously, according the actual needs.





System simplification

The use of a unit that independently produces both heating and cooling eliminates the need for separate heating and cooling resources. This significantly simplifies the system: plant areas are reduced, hydronic circuits are simplified, maintenance is reduced by half, and control is rationalized.





Reduction of on-site operations

A simplified system results in a significant reduction in the operations to be carried out on site. In fact, it is no longer necessary to connect it to the gas network, install and commission auxiliary boilers, or manage areas to be used for conventional heating units. This means substantial savings in terms of time and cost for the client..

TER: Total efficiency ratio


 INTEGRA units can produce hot and chilled water at the same time and totally independently, adapting to the variable heating and cooling demands of the building.

Climaveneta has introduced a new efficiency index, called Total Efficiency Ratio (TER).


In all cases in which INTEGRA simultaneously produces cold and hot water, the real efficiency of the unit is the sum of the performance in hot and cold water production.

Considered today the most effective way of representing the real efficiency of the unit, the TER reaches its maximum value when the loads are completely balanced.

Using traditional ratings such as EER and COP to measure efficiency of 4-pipe units would be limiting. To objectively measure performance under simultaneous load conditions, the Climaveneta brand, a pioneer in the development of this technology, has conceived of TER – total efficiency ratio. The TER is calculated as the ratio between the sum of the delivered heating and cooling power and electrical power input.

For chillers the energy efficiency ratio is EER and for heat pumps COP. Basically TER is the combination of the COP and EER in one single index. In the case of the simultaneous, balanced demand of heating and cooling these units can achieve efficiency corresponding to TER values between 7 and 8. The superior efficiency is evident considering that 3,2 is the EER for class A chillers.